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Go-to-Market Partnership Strategy

One-Time Payment
We'll help you...
Identify potential strategic partners
Define value propositions for each partnership
Create a roadmap for initiating and developing partnerships
Establish KPIs to measure the success of each partnership
What you get...
A Partnership Development Strategy document, including a list of identified potential partners, their value propositions, and a detailed roadmap for partnership initiation and development.
An Actionable Implementation Plan providing step-by-step guidance on how to pursue and establish these partnerships.
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Go-to-Market Partnership Advisory

We'll provide...
Strategic Consultation: Expert guidance on partnership strategy and ecosystem building.
Operational Feedback: Recommendations on partner recruiting, program development, and interdepartmental alignment.
Content Review: Evaluation of materials such as marketing collaterals and partner contracts.
Suggestions of five new partnership opportunities
What you get...
A Comprehensive Partnership Audit Report, detailing findings from the review of your existing partnership strategy, recommendations for improvement, and suggestions for new partnership opportunities.

A Personalized Video Presentation, summarizing the findings from the audit, explaining the recommendations, and answering any questions you might have about the audit results.
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About me

Throughout my career in the tech industry, I've had the incredible opportunity to work with numerous innovative SaaS companies and gain invaluable insights into market trends, best practices, and common pitfalls. My journey began with leading the ecosystem team at Infogroup, where I engaged with hundreds of tech companies of all sizes worldwide to look for data to build and grow their business. This unique experience allowed me to observe emerging market trends and recognize the potential of partnerships to drive growth.

While working with various companies, I noticed a pattern: those that embraced cloud-based tools and established strong partnerships grew much faster than their competitors. This observation was further solidified as Vice President of Data Partnerships at Yext. I managed a team with over 200 partnerships with major tech players like Apple, Facebook, and Google. As a result, I've become a firm believer in the power of partnership ecosystems as a strategic asset for companies seeking rapid growth.

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